New Student Chromebook Instructions

  • First thing. Take your device home and charge it for at least 1 hour.
  • Bring your device to class every day!
  • Charge your device every evening! A device which is fully charged every night will have more than enough battery life to last an entire school day.
  • This device has been checked out to YOU just like any textbook. YOU are responsible for its care in the same way.
  • Do not share your device with any other student.
  • If another student borrows and misuses your Chromebook in a negative or disruptive fashion, you will share in the responsibility for their actions.

Student Purchased Chromebook

Device Wipe Instructions

July 1, 2024 after your chromebook has been released by the FUHSD management system it still needs to be “wiped” to fully remove any settings or restrictions the Chromebook may have.

Wipe Instructions